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Nongfu Spring has been committed to the production of natural and healthy drinking water, only after a simple filtration, without changing the water quality, maintain natural water features indicators, unswervingly follow the environmental, health, natural path of development. Fast waste heat boiler manufacturers in ambernath since its inception, focused on research and development of clean boiler design, adhere to the concept of environmental protection has become condensing gas boiler industry leader. The same faith, the same dedication to promote fast boiler and Nongfu Spring work together to create new environmental future.

Principle gas waste heat boiler manufacturers in ambernath gas boiler can be divided according to the fuel gas boiler, boiler city gas, coke oven gas boiler, liquefied petroleum gas boiler and boiler; functions can be divided in accordance with KS-Q water gas boiler, CLHS / CWNS gas water boiler (including gas heating boiler and bath gas boiler), LHS / WNS gas steam boiler and the like; can be divided according to the structure of vertical gas boiler, gas boiler horizontal; in accordance with the flue gas flow can be divided into three single backhaul backhaul gas boilers and gas boiler.

High pressure water jet cleaning technology uses water as the medium, so that the water system by special equipment to produce multi-beam, multi-angle, high-pressure water jets of different intensity. Internal cleaning object fouling, plugging, or be completely cut surface adhesion, crushed, pressed and washed in order to achieve complete cleaning. Whatever the fouling deposits, high pressure water jet cleaning device for cleaning, can be completely removed, which considerably metal color. It does not require chemicals, or corrosive flux, safety, and environmental protection. Boiler air preheater, waterwall, superheater, economizer heating surface and the like due to clogging of the exhaust gas temperature, waste heat boiler manufacturers in ambernath efficiency is lowered, increasing the wind electrical energy consumption; the fan will cause severe blockage afford pulling negative pressure oxygen furnace not enough, boiler forced outage. Using high pressure water jet technology, the cleaning effect is obvious. Equipment from high pressure water pump, water hoses, high pressure gun, special nozzle and other components.

10 ton diesel oil fired steam waste heat boiler manufacturers in ambernath generates steam for oil refining process in Pakistan, guided by ZG advanced engineer Mr. Zhu in site. It is very common for ZG engineers visiting projects sites, and directing all details until boiler fire open fire successfully. Each boiler, no matter its small capacity or large capacity, no matter its close or far away from our factory location, we will send our boiler after sales service team and boiler engineer to project sites when got your requirements.

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