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Industry in India is mainly focus on textile plant and mining industry.Besides,The iron and steel industry, machinery industry, power plant, chemical factory and other industries also keep developing in India.So India is a large market for industry waste heat recovery boiler cold start ups.With the development of boiler technology in India,energy saving boiler for example biomass steam boiler for sale in India is more attractive when enterprises choose a industry boiler.

Fourth, saving electricity costs waste heat recovery boiler cold start up. Gas boiler fuel delivery and other auxiliary equipment less. Power of small, short continuous operation time and lower power consumption.

Intelligent modules waste heat recovery boiler cold start up cloud platform: the traditional boiler plug in to take off: In these years, the shortcomings of the traditional industrial boilers more and more. Backward technology and equipment, the level of economic operation is not high, matching the fuel is very poor, environmental protection facilities are not in place and so on, serious about the system to enhance the overall strength of the technology of industrial boilers. To address these pain points of development, the State Environmental Protection coal-fired industrial boiler energy conservation and pollution control engineering technology center (hereinafter referred to as the Engineering Center) according to their own products and technology advantages in industrial boilers and automatic control, and developed its own innovative products intelligence module boiler cloud platform, through intelligent control mode, open the traditional boiler upgrading of new ideas.

The competition, the segment is slowly 45 contestants only a female welder, most of the other competitors from China Electric Power Construction, veteran welders in the petroleum, petrochemical, and other large number of country prefix units, with a very rich practical operation of work experience. Faced with numerous welding expert, slowly segment did not flinch and fear, but to actively exercise their welding ability, the old master who humbly ask to try a variety of different welding methods, and repeat the training to do practice makes perfect. By her welded waste heat recovery boiler cold start up parts forming the United States, no weld defects neat; in her station, welding clean, neatly stacked tools, work order. It is because of her usual work down to earth, hard work and practice, lay a solid foundation for the success obtained.

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