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Boiler ignition failure as well as its internal inspection Description: waste recycling machine boiler manufacturers during operation, if the display 03 state, then illustrates what? As well as for internal inspection of the boiler, we should specify what work? Both have a question about the boiler, it is more basic and important, so below, to explain in detail and answer, so that we have a correct understanding. 1. Process display 03 status boiler, then explains what? If the state of the display 03 during boiler operation, then the failure of its ignition, on the specific reasons, is as follows: One reason: inspection of the gas boiler is in good condition and normal supply, gas valve opening is normal. Two reasons: ignition rod spacing is too small or too large, the flame sensing rod or deformation occurred. Three reasons: ignition operation in question, for preventing overheating or combustion chamber has problems. Four reasons: on the controller, and a gas pressure, whether there is an abnormality, and flame holes, if a foreign body or clogging.

Long-term low-pressure steam waste recycling machine boiler manufacturers operation will cause any harm at all aspects of boiler operation, there is a relatively common misconception, that is: low-voltage operation of the boiler will save fuel. However, according to party expertise engineers quickly proved that this view is wrong. The thermal equilibrium law, if part of the conversion process to ignore the heat losses, the total energy production needs (load) should be equal to the total energy provided by the combustion of the fuel. Thus, the fuel demand is decided how much the size of the load, rather than the pressure of the steam generated. Low pressure boiler operation, fuel efficiency and steam production are reduced, that is, thermal energy conversion process in the loss of more heat, fuel consumption increases. Long-term low-voltage operation hazards 1, will increase fuel consumption low pressure saturation temperature operation soda mixture is reduced, resulting in lower furnace temperature, at low operating pressure situation if you want to increase the amount of evaporation, the amount of fuel will definitely increase, while the furnace temperature is low can lead to incomplete combustion of fuel, black smoke and other phenomena, the actual amount of fuel consumption is higher than the theoretical value. 2, first of all reduce the quality of steam, boiler water boil, bubble will burst, the steam inside the water film will bring a burst of water vapor into the interior. At the same time, the bubble will break instantaneously generated on the liquid surface cavity, around the furnace instantaneously water influx from the surrounding holes, forming bumps and splashes of water, splashed water droplets into the vapor space easily. Low pressure boiler operation, the steam specific volume increase, the level of boiler water to produce more and bigger bubble, more intense level fluctuation. These will carry more water out of the water bubble burst, it will inevitably produce more and bigger hole, and thus lead to more intense shock and splash water, more water droplets into the vapor space. Second, low-voltage operation, the steam flow rate increases, allowing more water droplets by gravity back into the water can not be brought into the steam system, leading to serious boiler with water. More serious it is, when the output is too low steam pressure, the heat capacity of the boiler is reduced, resistance to fluctuations in the load will fall. 3, reducing the efficiency of using the device with water, steam, chemicals and wherein other impurities will be deposited which is formed after an accumulation of dirt; In addition, the water vapor will reduce the evaporation enthalpy of the steam, the heat exchange efficiency with steam actuation device has decreased. Case also appears big horse car, it will cause some waste of energy. 4, endangering personal safety when the steam pipe contains a lot of water, if at some point because of the instantaneous load and increase the steam flow rate increase will happen "water hammer" phenomenon, would seriously endanger the safety equipment and even staff. 5, resulting in low pressure etching operation, the temperature of the boiler furnace and the exhaust gas temperature will be reduced, in the rear of the boiler flue gas temperature upon heating surface is reduced to below the dew point causes corrosion economizer and an air preheater, equipment damage acceleration time. 6, low-voltage operation environment pollution will cause incomplete combustion of fuel, then there will be incomplete combustion of natural gas, resulting in the boiler chimney black smoke, pollution, ecological environment. Conclusion low-voltage operation of the boiler is a completely wrong way, irreversible adverse effects of the various components and the overall boiler will. I hope you pay attention to the boiler must focus on the operating pressure of the boiler at runtime.

WNS series diesel oil fired steam waste recycling machine boiler manufacturers has importer burner in designs. It can realize 92% thermal transferring efficiency in boiler service time. Packaged diesel oil fired boiler technology requires minimal maintenance or attention during normal operations. Automated monitoring and control systems run all aspects of this packaged boiler, including feed, load reduction, and tube cleaning, and continuously adapt as system conditions change. Operational stability enables smallscale operations with small maintenance support teams, thus reducing labor costs. Automatic operation system is convenient to boiler operator.

Luoyang, Henan Province issued the "Luoyang coal consumption reductions embodiment (2019-2020 years)", the program proposes: To continue to promote alternative coal consumption reduction, the implementation of industry "electricity instead of coal" project.

2016-2018 years, the city of Luoyang excess capacity, coal-fired boiler demolition, energy saving, clean energy alternative through a series of measures to resolve the power industry, pushing the total coal consumption control achieved some success, but the energy mix partial coal, thermal power installed capacity of migraine and thermal power multi siege pattern has not fundamentally changed, there is still emphasis on the industrial structure, high energy-consuming industries continued to increase the proportion of energy consumption, coal consumption is highly concentrated and other issues. Especially since 2018, comprehensive energy consumption of coke, chemical high energy-consuming industries rise significantly, the whole society electricity demand continues to grow, the amount of coal for power generation system tune up utility power plants rise, not fall, some counties (cities, districts) large-scale industrial coal consumption rise, not fall. Therefore, Luoyang City will continue to work to phase out coal-fired boilers to improve the quality of atmospheric environment.

"Plan" put forward the overall goal of coal governance: By 2020, the city's total coal consumption and strive to 2015, down from about 23% control in less than 20.3 million tons. Among them, the total consumption of non-coal power industry control in less than 9.6 million tons, the total coal consumption in coal-fired units ganged public control in less than 10.7 million tons.

"Plan" requirement, the industry needs all kinds of hot water, steam, hot air in the production process, and gradually promote regenerative and direct thermal electric industrial boiler applications. In the metal processing, casting, ceramics, refractories, glass and other industries to promote electric furnaces, industrial kilns and encourage qualified to carry coal to electricity.

Vigorously promote clean heating pilot city construction, 2019, 2020, respectively, the implementation of urban and rural residents electricity instead of coal, 110,000. 2019, 2020, respectively, to complete the electrical heating 500,000 square meters, 800,000 square meters.

In addition, the "plan" also proposed to accelerate the development of clean energy and new energy, the implementation of comprehensive improvement of coal-fired facilities, the city will no longer approve the domain, and the new 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, accelerate the elimination of 35 tons of steam / h and coal-fired boiler.

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