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Chemical plant boiler drum bottom drum of which the bottom of the chemical plant boiler drum drum of which the bottom of the boiler drum drum of chemical plants What? From the test results and the situation of the boiler water treatment point of view, I believe, result in the bottom of the drum drum kit are the following two reasons. 1, the direct cause quick bottom boiler drum, directly by irradiation of the high temperature flame, and also by the erosion of the high temperature flue gas, when the bottom of the boiler water-side time scaling, since the scale of the thermal resistance of the metal material 40 to 100 times, poor thermal conductivity, so that heat can not be timely cooled furnace wall, resulting in ultra-high wall temperature, so that the strength of the metal furnace wall decreases, the time when the boiler pressure exceeds the yield limit of the furnace wall, the furnace wall may occur plastic deformation of the metal , the performance of the macro as a drum kit. 2, indirect causes of 2.1, when the structural defects of DZL DZL boiler furnace shorter boilers, combustion anthracite, anthracite because of high heat value, high flame temperature, lower furnace combustion unfavorable, if water is not in place, close to the flame easier generated in the boiler tube expansion. 2.2, boiler operation and management is not in place, managers thought the boiler is not ideal to use water treatment units do not pay attention, careless, boiler operator skill level is low, sense of duty, may cause boiler blowdown unscientific or not timely, water treatment poor, resulting in smoke tube boiler drum water wall tubes and other major health large scale pressure element junction. Now the half of the boiler water quality more representative test report, wherein the pH of the feed water (25 ℃) between 6.5 to 6.9, lower than the standard value (7.0 to 10.0); in hardness 1.0mmol / L ~ 2.0mmol / between L.

Objective 6 tons of gas steam boiler for low NOX combustion of natural gas steam boiler low NOx combustion is to improve the boiler efficiency, reduce air pollution emissions. Gas previous four stages in industrial applications: The first stage: the degree of understanding of the nitrogen oxides is not high, I do not know what will bring harm. The second stage: the beginning of the use of staged combustion to reduce the formation of NOX, this technology has been widely promoted in several countries. Third Stage: The staged combustion and flue gas recirculation are combined. The fourth stage: As emission standards, the industry for improved combustion technology, to staged combustion, flue gas recirculation of FGR, and the like based on a premixed low NOx combustion technologies.

How to make the gas hot water boiler 1110 kw water level to keep running? As we all know, water level gauge is an important means gas hot water boiler, because of the huge boiler in a closed case, from the appearance of the water level can not understand the internal situation, only by the need to know the water level in Sheung Shui. Therefore, in order to maintain safe and stable gas hot water boiler operation it is necessary to maintain good water level. Here's a look at how to get the water level to maintain normal operation. 1, each class must control the boiler water level of most of the companies are under twenty four hours a, therefore, have different flights a day, in order to ensure the normal use of the water level gauge fireman each shift must control the water level gauge . When the control, to efficient and practical versatile gas hot water boiler blowdown valve is opened slightly when the water level reaches a certain level immediately close the drain valve, fireman Water level should be carefully observed in this process, if there is a slight fluctuation of the water level gauge Description normal use. 2, regular cleaning and maintenance of the water level gauge water level gauge on the gas hot water boiler should be cleaned regularly, because otherwise it will affect the steam and water caused by rust or scale, the passage of time can not be the normal water level in the boiler metering . So, to get the water level gauge long-term stable use and maintenance should be cleaned regularly to avoid fouling water level and the situation appeared rusty. 3, to avoid the intense cold hot stimulation if it is just cleaned gas hot water boiler water level gauge, or a new replacement water level gauge requires slow operation when put into use, to prevent overheating of the boiler and a greater thermal impact , resulting in water level gauge rupture, moreover, in daily use should not let the cold air and cold water and the water level contacts. Many companies understand the gas hot water boiler Which reliable after purchase authentic quality of the boiler will be used, but water level has not paid enough attention, the daily use of which water level the lack of good maintenance, which would give the boiler the use of a security risk. In order to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, during operation of a gas hot water boiler, water level should fireman for proper operation and maintenance.

Six months from Hainan Sinochem Pharmaceuticals boiler equipment normally used in odd years, the equipment in good condition, our technical staff has repeatedly went to inspect the guidance. In the process of Hainan with the pharmaceutical companies, the other either for my company's product or service we are very satisfied with our company's reputation and expressed trust. --customer feedback

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