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6 tph WNS series two-pass gas-fired steam boiler project for the food industry

Jilin Deda Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Jilin Songliao Poultry Co., Ltd. and CP Group in 1989. Since its official operation in 1992, Jilin Deda has developed into a leading enterprise of agriculture industrial production with fixed assets of 2 billion yuan, which integrates breeding of poultry, grain and oil planting, broiler feeding, feed processing, oil processing, chicken processing, liquor brewing and other diversified production. Jilin Deda chicken products sell well in more than 30 provinces and are exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, West Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries regions. Industrial boilers provide important high-efficient heat source for the production processes.

Identification and elimination of identification and elimination of boiler combustion boiler combustion malfunction of a machine malfunction, ignition malfunction if the boiler burner start three times in a row failed to ignite, the ignition should be judged as a failure. As follows: 1, the pressure can not be maintained if gas occurs misfire in 3-5kpa, too high or too low will the phenomenon. 2, the burner if the throttle too much can easily lead to the phenomenon of multiple firings vain. 3, when using the burner, the ignition voltage if the ignition is not, or when the ignition electrode dirty or wrong position, there will be ignition failure. 4, valve block will promptly turned on the ignition when the normal, open and could hear the sound, not the establishment of open flame, so if the boiler valve group fails, it will not fire. 5, there may be ignition failure caused by the ignition controller, if the ignition controller fails, it will not lead to the normal ignition. Second, Misfire Misfire refers to a burner during normal operation, a sudden fire, as follows: 1, air will cause flame instability fluctuations that can occur in case of fire. 2, if the flame detector failures occur when running, can not properly detect the flame, the flame will appear. 3, instability or lack of equal power circuit failure will result in flame during operation.

First of all,they all Chain Grate Boiler,so the boiler main body do not need move when transform,they only need transform the auxiliary equipment.Secondly,comprehensive comparison of other fuels,the cost of biomass fuels is moderate,and use the biomass fuels,only precipitate little ash after full combustion,and it do not need Desulfurizer,reduce the cost,extend the service life of the boiler.And the ash can also be used as agricultural fertilizer,conform the planning of the environmental governance.

Comfortable life of people is inseparable from the northern winter heating boiler, normal, stable heat source is vital to people's lives. But the attendant is an increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, the implementation of coal to gas policy without delay, using the gas hot water boiler 2990 kw is the general trend. In order to achieve green heating, the National Tourism Administration Service Center decided to phase out the existing coal-fired boilers, the introduction of clean and environmentally friendly gas hot water boiler. Fast boiler with their own strong comprehensive strength and rich experience in the heating industry cooperation gained the trust of the National Tourism Administration Service Center, and ultimately provide a vacuum hot water boiler (T6-2800 2 sets of 2.8MW by fast Boiler ).

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