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Four energy-saving methods of gas-fired steam boiler: energy-saving is a problem to be considered in industrial production, especially the industrial boiler which improves thermal energy and power support for industrial production, and energy-saving reflects the technical level of boiler industry. With the implementation of national energy-saving and environmental protection policies, the traditional coal-fired industrial boilers are gradually replaced by natural gas steam boilers, and a revolution on energy-saving and environmental protection has taken place in the field of industrial thermal power.

Pressure hot water boiler for hotel chinese does not use softened water, what harm? Boiler during operation of the water quality requirements are more stringent, thus making boiler feed water, will install water softening water treatment device, then, if not water by softening what harm it? 1. waste fuel because the water is not timely treatment, over time, the water content of non-compliance with the boilers physical or chemical reaction, can cause damage to the boiler wall or boiler scaling, thermal insulation effect and impact of the boiler efficiency, in order to ensure that this part of the loss, the amount of fuel will increase with. 2. there will be corrosion. Since the acid-base substance and oxygen present in the water with the metal body of the boiler should chemical method, so that the furnace wall is gradually reduced, dents, reducing the strength of the boiler, can easily cause accidents operation. Of course there will be other hazards, such as boiler output, normal boiler water cycle, boiler shortened life expectancy and so on. These are the dangers of not using soft water changes caused. After analysis of the dangers of not boiler water softening treatment, you will find, if you want, such as the boiler low-power high efficiency, high operational safety, water softening boiler also make one of the most important factors, therefore, strictly according to the standard treatment also needs to be carefully done.

This year, Hubei Province, will continue to carry out prevention and control of air pollution control, effectively promote the province's environmental air quality improved, and issued the "2019 Annual Hubei ecological system of air pollution prevention and control program of work", as follows.

First, ultra-low emissions and actively promote the transformation of key industries. The province's new coal-fired thermal power units fully implemented ultra-low emissions standards. Actively promote small coal-fired thermal power ultra-low emission transformation, Wuhan, Xiangyang, Yichang and other places to complete before the end of 2019. Circulating fluidized bed boiler unit to achieve ultra-low emissions before the year 2019, tobacco dust W flame boiler units, to achieve ultra-low sulfur dioxide emission limit requirements. Ultra-low emissions and actively promote the transformation of the steel industry, the whole process to reduce air pollutant emissions.

Second, the depth of key industries mentioned standard upgrade. Promote the implementation of major cities in key industries especially emission limits, strictly enforce the "Notice on the implementation of some key cities in particular air pollutants emission limits" (Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Bulletin 2018 No. 2), advance planning to enact governance project, and accelerating coking industry desulfurization and denitrification projects. According to the national unified deployment and actively carry out industrial furnaces governance special action. Complete waste discharge permit issued in accordance with the work list management requirements.

Third, the total coal consumption in key areas to promote control. Actively cooperate with relevant departments to implement controls total coal consumption in key areas, focusing on reduction of non-coal for electricity. With the relevant departments to promote the commercial coal quality control and supervision of bulk coal sales, strengthen the management and control of coal consumption, promoting the use of clean coal.

Fourth, the optimal adjustment of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban. Control Department of Ecology Environment "high-pollution fuel directory" to improve the demand by the City People's Government in accordance with the ambient air quality, energy consumption structure and affordability, local conditions choose ban combustion zone ban burning of the fuel mix category, supervise the implementation of the relevant control requirements. Urban cities and states to complete high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban optimal adjustment before the end of 2019.

Fifth, to carry out rectification of coal-fired boilers. Carry out coal-fired boilers out of looking back, resolutely combat the resurgence of acts of the boiler has been eliminated. The county level and above urban area actively eliminate 10 tons of steam per hour coal-fired boilers and furnaces and tea, operating the stove, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities, in principle, to a new 35 tons of steam per hour of fuel coal boiler. Actively promote the upgrading coal-fired boilers environmental protection facilities renovation and construction of facilities on-line monitoring, adherence to the "gas will change," the principle of steady progress "from coal to gas."

After condensing gas boiler operation, we need to keep clean the boiler, the boiler there do not let dust, dirt and other impurities, dirt if found, be sure to promptly clean. Also note that on a regular basis to condensing boilers do a comprehensive inspection, repair needs immediate repair, needs to be replaced immediately replaced, if not pay attention to the problem is found, the loss will be even greater in the future, we better trade-offs.

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