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Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act in response to the latest published Jiangsu Province, located in Jiangsu province of Cao Town since early this year, began to focus on governance and the elimination of coal-fired water tube boiler supplier in malaysias. To date, the town out of a total of 43 coal-fired boiler units, a total of about 71 tons of steam, in which companies with 40 boilers, complete phase-out of coal-fired boilers tasks.

To effectively promote the phase-out of coal-fired boilers, the town set up a special action group to formulate a list out of coal-fired boilers, one by one clear remediation programs, and implementation of staff responsible for tracking, deadline for shutting down out of the implementation of clean energy alternatives. After elimination coal-fired boiler, the town has 11 enterprises to adopt steam heating pipe, four companies use light diesel oil or liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel, there are eight companies using biomass as fuel particles. Next, town center environmental services will continue to improve long-term management mechanism, and further increase the intensity of coal-fired boiler inspections of enterprises, consolidate the results of rectification boiler, to create "green Cao port" escort.

DomesticandForeignDevelopmentandApplicationofCFBwater tube boiler supplier in malaysia

The circulating fluidized bed boiler became rapid development since 1979.

Fang fast production of gas hot water water tube boiler supplier in malaysia, in order to highlight the efficient, durable, safe and reliable, simple operation and other advantages, achieved excellent results in the field cleaning boilers, harvest a large number of customers and recognition.

Electric heating steam water tube boiler supplier in malaysia can be used in any industry:? Electric heating steam boiler with economic, security, convenience and environmental protection features. Electric heating steam boiler with overpressure protection, leakage protection, water protection, safety valves and multiple protection features; if you electricity at night, about 50% cost savings, efficient insulation material thick, low heat loss, thermal efficiency of 98% , saving electricity; simple structure, easy to operate, less failure, gently key to enter the automatic running, very convenient to use.

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