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Four ways to reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas wellman robey boiler manual: a boiler based on years of research experience, we found that the level of boiler flue gas temperature is directly linked to thermal efficiency. Exhaust gas temperature is increased by 10 ℃, the thermal efficiency of the boiler 1% loss, indirectly increasing the fuel input costs.


1, the general position of the explosion vent means in the top wall or the steam outlet of the boiler furnace furnace furnace side of the fuel gas flue.

2, explosion-proof doors should be installed in place without the threat of operator safety, and a pressure relief guide tube, it shall not be stored near inflammable and explosive materials, highly preferably not less than 2 meters.

Steam consumption meter on the importance of choosing the right wellman robey boiler manual We first need to determine the amount of steam boilers in order to select the corresponding power. Calculating the amount of steam has the following general categories: calculated using the heat transfer equation based on the amount of steam. Heat transfer equation to calculate the amount of steam by using a thermal analysis apparatus output, to estimate the amount of steam. This method is more complex, due to the uncertainty of the result of some factors which will have some errors. The steam directly metered amounts. You can use a flow meter to test the device. Rated thermal power equipment manufacturers to provide. Equipment manufacturers typically on the nameplate nominal heat power, rated thermal power is usually to mark KW heat output, in kg / h steam pressure annotation representation depends on the steam consumption. Specific applications by using steam steam consumption can be calculated in the following way: Laundry laundry Selection Selection steam boiler steam boiler main laundry device according to the selection, the common laundry washing machine equipment, dry-cleaning machines, dryer, ironing machines. General laundry device has a marked amount of steam, the steam laundry calculated as poly unlabeled force provided may be calculated: Hotel Selection Selection steam boiler steam boiler property mainly by the number of rooms, number of employees , the occupancy rate, laundry work time and other factors to estimate the amount of steam, the steam boilers in order to carry out the selection. Selection tool factories and other occasions steam boiler plant selection Selection of steam boilers and other applications, such as steam boilers have used previously, press amounts to previous selection. The new process or a new project, the press computing devices, metering, factory selection of the rated power to the steam boiler. More information Watch fuel gas steam boiler.

National Day holiday just ended, Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau threw himself into the urban environment construction. Before the onset of winter, the Shenyang municipal government will strictly control the air pollution problem. It is reported that Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau issued out since November 1, Shenyang will strictly enforce the standards of air pollutants emission limits in particular, all the environmental standards of heating enterprises will be cleared out of the heating market.

Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau issued "on the thermal power industry, coal-fired boilers execution of air pollutants in particular emission limits of the notice" in the next year (the "Notice") requires: Thermal power within the gamut of Shenyang, iron and steel, petrochemical industry and fuel emissions of air pollutants in coal boiler project "thirteen five" period should implement special emission limit standards.

Shenyang is also a good environmental citizen blue sky, Shenyang City this winter and will continue to adhere to "turn point furnace, load shifting blocked arteries," the implementation of standards. After heating units gradually open blocked arteries, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will strengthen the routine inspection of law enforcement, and pay close attention to on-line monitoring data 474 coal-fired boilers, boiler emissions of non-compliance immediately ordered to carry out rectification, and severely dealt with strictly waste-water treatment, ultra row of such acts. At the same time, the Shenyang municipal government will also heating units regularly conduct random sampling of coal quality.

It is understood, Shenyang open blocked arteries in succession since October 26 from heating. To ensure that excessive heat stable and safe operation standards, Shenyang will be fully commissioning of heating facilities, to solve problems in a timely manner to ensure the November 1 time blocked arteries heating, the temperature reaches above 18 ℃. After the blocked arteries, Shenyang will strictly implement the winter heating emergency plans to complete the repair within 6 hours general accident, complete repairs within 24 hours more accidents.

Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau official says, the environmental protection department will be heating business day on-line monitoring, and strictly control their emissions of air pollutants. Over the years, Shenyang has been doing the heating business "remove small and large," the relevant measures, so that some can not afford to increase environmental protection facilities of small companies to large companies merge powerful, let Shenyang municipal heating more environmentally friendly. Strict implementation of the special emission limits of air pollutants standards, both national policy, but also the heating of corporate responsibility, companies must increase investment in environmental protection to ensure the discharge standards.

It is understood that this year, the Shenyang municipal heating will continue to increase the proportion of clean energy, clean coal existing store 230,000 tons, an increase of 30,000 tons last year. Shenyang City, natural gas and other clean energy heating an area of ​​150 million square meters, clean heating the proportion reached 45%, up 6% over last year. Reduction of 1 million tons of total coal year, 5000 tons of coal-fired boilers to complete denitrification, the city starting from November 1 particularly strict implementation of air pollutants emission limits.

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