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Fan wheat dry matter boiler manufacturer uses coal boiler using a mechanical energy to heat, then the boiler must use such equipment in the ventilator during use. Today, we are concerned that the role of the fan in the boiler. Boiler fan is chosen depending on the model and specifications of the boiler in the selection, but fans can also play two different roles in this area, but on the principle that ventilation is still the same. Device for conveying air into the boiler is fan. If you want to use coal for greater efficiency in the boiler, we need more oxygen. Since the boiler is in the shape of a hermetic shape, it is not possible to allow the air to the boiler initiative complete combustion. This time we should use the power boiler fan, the air supplied to the boiler which mechanically energy, in order to make coal in the boiler more complete combustion to provide more heat.

Boiler furnace wall, which has several heavy industrial wheat dry matter boiler manufacturer furnace wall features detailed analysis:? Boiler furnace wall furnace wall is divided into heavy, light furnace wall, furnace tube bearing wall (wall cladding tube furnace) three categories. 1, heavy wall boiler applications

Boiler should pay attention to what: a modern industrial system in order to make the device work better wheat dry matter boiler manufacturer efficiency and adapt to the work requirements of the field aspects, professional and excellent transformation of the boiler is a relatively cost-effective and meet the needs of all aspects of the way. The special and high professional transformation boiler consumers need to consider the following three aspects. First, pay attention to all aspects of work carried out first boiler is needed in professional and technical guidance under professional guidance, assistance must be strictly professional, reputable team of boiler construction and renovation work. This can effectively ensure the formation of proper and scientific boiler scheme for the boiler equipment, as well as to ensure the professional excellence of the transformation process of the program strictly consistent and play in practice and construction, two security attention during boiler course this professional industrial transformation of security guarantees in the construction process is extremely important. Such requirements boiler environmental engineering team conducted a full range of hidden danger, construction personnel and equipment for the boiler strict classification management and process management, and more importantly, the use of electricity and equipment used in the transformation process of the boiler standardize operations management. Third, pay attention to professional testing and boiler priority is to note that after the completion of the transformation is to conduct professional work in order to test and put into use, and boiler tests also need professional staff with the technological experience to complete.

Recently, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Environmental Protection Leading Group issued a circular on promoting the transformation of ultra-low emissions and low nitrogen transformation of biomass wheat dry matter boiler manufacturers gas-fired boiler. Resolutely implement - the latest requirements "2018 in Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas in 2019 autumn and winter tackling air pollution comprehensive management action plan" in, and further reduces boiler emissions standards.

Located in urban construction area of ​​biomass boilers to complete the transformation of ultra-low emissions at all before 31 October 2019. After the transformation to achieve ultra-low emissions coal-fired power plants. 6% of the oxygen content of the reference, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emission concentration of not more than 10,35,50 mg / m. Rear of the boiler can be installed efficient dust removal, desulfurization apparatus or stock updates Ultra Low NOx emissions (nitrogen oxides emission concentration is not higher than 30 mg / m3) gas boiler or an electric boiler.

December 31, 2015 installation of ultra-low nitrogen gas boiler to complete the transformation of the October 31, 2019, after the installation of gas boilers used to complete the transformation of the ultra-low nitrogen October 31, 2020. After transformation of nitrogen oxide emissions concentration up to 30 mg / m. District heating gas boiler discourage updated low nitrogen burners, home improvement flue gas recirculation device to transform the way, is updated to encourage direct ultra-low nitrogen emissions boiler.

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