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The main heat loss of condensing power plant is that the heat of steam turbine exhaust is taken away by cooling water in condenser and can not be utilized. This part of heat loss usually accounts for 40% ~ 60%, so the efficiency of condensing power plant is not high. If the steam exhaust or exhaust steam of steam turbine is used for heating, the steam loss of steam turbine can be greatly reduced, and the energy utilization rate can be greatly improved by replacing the low efficiency and small wholesalers water tube boiler steam with high efficiency and large capacity boiler, if the steam exhaust or extraction steam of steam turbine is used for heating by the way of co-generation of heat and power. Therefore, great economic benefits can be obtained. It can be used to build large-scale thermal power plant, retrofit condensing power plant, heat supply and small and medium-sized thermal power plant provided by enterprises and other ways of co-generation.

What harm wholesalers water tube boiler steam fouling scale of poor thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity coefficient of thermal conductivity than the boiler plate several times to hundreds of times, so after scaling the boiler will be a serious impediment to heat transfer and cause the following hazards:? 1 waste of fuel, will contribute to reduce boiler fouling seriously affected heat transfer, reduce the thermal efficiency and reduce the steam output and increase fuel consumption. 2 can lead to an accident, after the birth knot scale, the heat of the metal due to heat transfer obstruction scale is difficult to affect the safe operation of the boiler water heating surface, resulting in a sharp increase in metal wall temperature, when the temperature exceeds the allowable metal can withstand temperature, the metal strength is significantly reduced, thereby resulting in overheating of the metal deformation, bulge will result, severe fractures, and even burst pipes and other accidents. 3. clogging pipes, fouling the water if the destruction of the water cycle, it will reduce the flow area, increasing the water flow resistance, disruption of normal circulation, but also completely congested the pipe, tube rupture or cause. 4. Corrosion caused by dirt, shortening the life of the boiler after the boiler scale and corrosion under the scale can also cause harm. Some compact structure or complex structure of the boiler, once the heating surface fouling, it is extremely difficult to remove, severe had to use Wabu, pipe cutting measures such as exchange repair, not only big expense, but also the heating surface is severely damaged. All of these hazards will greatly shorten the life of the boiler.

After installation and commissioning fast Boiler professional and technical personnel, two hot water wholesalers water tube boiler steams to provide our bodies quickly into the orbit of the normal operation. Meanwhile, the design of energy-saving equipment also effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, saved us a huge amount of fuel costs. --customer feedback

Is there a steam wholesalers water tube boiler steam and steam metering how the requirements of the operator? In the specific types of boilers, hot water boilers and steam are these boilers, boiler and these are two common and common species, need to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, so, based on this, the next will be related to steam boilers learning and mastery of knowledge, to achieve these apply their knowledge and their knowledge of the flexible use of practical work, so take full advantage. 1. steam boiler purchase, and whether there are important factors that must be considered? Buy this kind of boiler steam boiler was intended to be taken into account all relevant factors, and we need to know is that as long as the factors related to product purchase, are important considerations can not be considered to be some of the factors avoid sweeping, affecting the right to buy the product. In these factors, there are factors that must be considered is the origin of the product, parameters, quality, price, product manufacturers and service these six factors, are indispensable. And on this issue, we can know that the answer is yes. 2. The operator of steam boilers Are there requirements? Operator steam boiler, which is a specific requirement, which is as follows: because the steam boiler pressure vessels, so these operations must be aware of the specific aspects of boiler construction, performance and design descriptions, and to specialized training and consideration You can start to work through consideration and after obtaining the appropriate operating permits. In the job, the work must wear protective equipment, and work to ensure its own security.

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