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Henan run Q & Gas Boilers (b) 1. Internal gas boiler drum Henan mainly those devices and how they effect the arrangement position A:?? Henan gas boilers with capacities of different parameters, it is not exactly the drum inside the device - like, now at high pressure and ultra-high pressure boilers drum example, describes internal devices, their arrangement and a major role. Along the length of the drum is mounted at both sides of a plurality of cyclones, each cyclone barrel top is arranged a louver (wave plate) separators, their primary role is to rise by the tube into a mixture of soda and water vapor will be the initial separation. In the upper steam drum, steam cleaning horizontal mounting plate, on which the cleaning water supply layer, when the steam passes through the water layer, put dissolved or carried vapor partial turn salt was dissolved in water, to reduce the steam salt. Near the top of the drum is provided with a perforated plate, a uniform flow in the ascending vapor drum, and the water vapor is further separated. About 150mm with the drum center line of the discharge pipe opening accident; continuous blowdown piping is provided at approximately 200mm port under normal water line, and then disposed below the dosing tube. Also installed at the entrance of the downcomer cross blade. To prevent a drop generating swirling nozzle causing drop tube bucket with steam. 2. Continuous outfall mouth Henan gas boilers are generally installed where? Why? How much sewage rate? A: Top nozzle Henan continuous gas boiler 200 is generally mounted on a drum at the lower 300mm normal water level (i.e., "0"). Since the pot of water evaporation continuously gradually concentrated in the vicinity of the surface of the water with the highest salt concentrations. Therefore, continuous blowdown piping port Henan gas boiler should be installed in the region of the maximum boiler water concentration to high concentration continuously withdrawing boiler water, supplemented with clean water supply, thereby improving the quality of boiler water. Henan gas boiler blowdown rate is generally about 1% of the amount of evaporation. 3. What pot of water treatment dosing in Henan gas boiler drum sense Answer: the pot to prevent the fouling, if simply to remove the water contained in the outer boiler feed water hardness, needed more equipment will greatly increase investment; and plus? cauldron blowdown, heat loss not only increase the working medium, can not be eliminated pot residue water hardness. Thus, in addition to using external boiler water treatment, but also on the water in the boiler pan dosing process, remove the pot residue water hardness, to prevent boiler scaling. The method of addition of phosphate which is in the pot of water, so that calcium and magnesium ions and phosphate ions bound water pot, Rong generating hard water precipitation sludge, sewage regularly excluded, so to maintain a certain boiler water phosphate, neither fouling and corrosion, but also to ensure the quality of steam. 4. What Henan gas boiler regularly sewage outfall aim is installed in the mouth where A:?? Because Henan pot of water gas boilers containing rust and dosing process water precipitated the formation of slag and other impurities deposited on the bottom of the water circuit, regular sewage the purpose of the water is periodically discharging slag and other impurities precipitate, increasing the pan of water quality. Periodically outfall generally located in the lower header, or concentrated water wall lower portion of the downcomer.

Horizontal wide fuel avaliable cfb steam boiler in south Africa

In 2017, ZG overseas market was further expanded. MTL Corporation, headquartered in South Africa, is the largest manufacturer of sportswear in sub-Saharan Africa, and its market share has rapidly increased year by year. In order to further expand the scale of production, MTL decided to officially start the third production base. Then MTL Corporation choosed and cooperated with ZG.

Directly under the Central Government Offices Administration (referred to as the straight Authority) is the CPC Central Committee and subordinate units, are responsible for the CPC Central Committee and services for the organs and services, an important function of serving the people. Central Government institutions funds, finance, public service vehicles, the state-owned assets and real estate management, service management is responsible for the specified life of the party and state leaders as well as services related objects.

Characteristics of natural gas wide fuel avaliable cfb steam boiler steam boiler in which a gas steam boiler, which is used as fuel gas in the combustion furnace the heat released by heating the pot water vaporize into steam energy conversion device. Water is constantly in the pot furnace gas fuel combustion energy released heating temperature rises and generates steam under pressure. Because the boiling point of water increases with increasing pressure, the pot is sealed, the water vapor pressure inside the expansion is limited by the power generated by heat forming, strictly speaking, water steam boiler is in a constant pressure in the drum It was heated to form a saturated regasification can be widely used as an energy source. His comprehensive features are the following: 1 burner natural gas steam boiler is supplied by well-known manufacturers in the world, burn automatically stop controller in accordance with instructions, a separate control box has a number of security, performance, security and stability, low maintenance. 2, advanced automatic steam boiler controller, Chinese LCD screen, the man-machine interface, the user simply easily set, i.e., according to user requirements boiler start and stop, load adjustment, automatic water supply, such as automatic operation. Boiler fully functional, complete protection, easy to operate, safe, reliable, self-diagnostic function. Boiler operation anomalies automatically interrupt burning, audible alarm once appeared. 3, vertical steam boiler burner set under way, double return configuration, fuel combustion, boiler stable; inserted spoiler smoke tube, smoke slow speed, increase heat transfer, a high thermal efficiency, reduce user cost. 4, horizontal steam boiler shell type three return all wet back downstream pyrotechnic tube structure, economy. Waveform threaded pipe and furnace structure and improve the strength of heat absorption of the boiler, the heating surface needs thermal expansion. 5, in strict accordance with the present boiler "Steam Boiler Safety Supervision", JB / T10094-2002 "industrial boilers general technical conditions", JB / T1619-2002 "boiler manufacturing technology conditions potshell" requirements, design, manufacture, monitoring inspection to ensure good quality of boilers, achieve low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, stable pressure, gas and quantity, economic use. 6, a large boiler furnace space, storage, steam and more adaptable load capacity. Rational design of steam separator apparatus built to meet user requirements need to use higher quality steam. Furnace open manhole, head holes, hand holes, to facilitate the internal furnace to clean up, make repairs, maintenance is very convenient. 7, is provided with a multi-stage boiler safety interlock protection: Pressure switch protection (higher than the set auto stop and pressure), low water protection (boiler water level is below the body of the warning level, the alarm and automatically cut off power), the protection valve (boiler pressure exceeds the pressure of work, discouraged automatic blood pressure) to ensure foolproof boiler in a variety of conditions, safe home. 8, the combined organic appearance of mechatronic, sophisticated new, compact, less space, easy to transport and install. 9, using the new material and the thermal insulation quality white color plate package, lighter in weight, good insulation properties, beautiful, not rust. 10, automatic / gas steam boiler is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile mills, garment factories, clothing stores, garment factories, dry cleaners, restaurants, hotels, bread stores, hotels, canteens, restaurants, food plants, beverage plants, soybean plants, meat plants, canneries, wineries, pharmaceutical, packaging factory, building materials factory, paint factory, beauty salons, bath, sauna, steam room, baby swimming pool and other enterprises place.

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