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Ignition gas steam boiler should pay attention to what is the use of gas steam boiler before us is to do the work of an ignition device, so as to provide for the heat needed, therefore very important, but at the time of ignition are a lot of issues need attention the only good attention to these in order to fully guarantee the final results, gave you pay attention to the following points about the firing, so there is not any problem when in operation. the first is to pay attention to good gas steam boiler inspection, whether internal or external device, we are working to do before ignition checks in order to determine the normal ignition when no dangerous goods, so as to ensure there is no problem in the operation of the process followed prior to ignition for some security parts we are good to check to ensure that all components are in good working condition, so that when the ignition is in order to achieve a better protective effect, there would be no danger happened, and we at work be sure to check good, so we can more fully guarantee the final ignition safety A. When we ignition of a gas steam boiler must pay attention to good account the above considerations, so there is no problem.

Macheng look out brand gas zhengzhou hot water boiler which matters a lot what are users in the purchase of the brand gas hot water boiler, because very few skills, often also do not realize how well shot. Because the style gas hot water boiler considerable, differences in structure and differences manufacturers, and everyone should know how not to buy the brand, continued to teach you later buy brands they have some small way. First, gas hot water boiler to buy the brand, it is necessary to understand the structure of gas hot water boiler components must adjust setter in the selection, it must also repair and maintenance, construction and thus will certainly be reasonably smooth launch. Also, each gas hot water boiler has a certain amount of money burden saturated steam, and for that we spent in the selection process will have a certain amount, which must be a unit in the purchase of gas hot water boiler brands pay more attention to style, to further confluence good intention to buy the brand. Third, the noteworthy point is that there are a lot of gas hot water boiler with components, some of which are complementary with very good results and good will reduce consumption, energy saving. Therefore, in the purchase of brand gas hot water boiler process, summary said earlier, these two issues will certainly have to pay more attention to this will be to buy the brand of products, convenient good choice.

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Second, chemical cleaning is not performed after completion of passivating

The passivation process is the process of condensing boiler clean the surface of the passivation agent the reaction again. Since the control point passivated more stringent requirements, if not properly controlled, the passivation will fail, and if the pickling is completed, and only a simple cleaning is finished, which makes the surface to be cleaned boiler condensate prone to two secondary rust, scale capacity condensing boiler decline, prone to rust.

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