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How to choose the gas boiler boiler for a great place to buy hotels, which provide hot water for hot water consumption is a better choice. If you use your own gas boiler is not only convenient but also to achieve the purpose of saving costs to a large extent. So how in the middle of these operators above market a wide range of gas boilers selected more appropriate product? First, choose to create material good view of the importance of gas-fired boiler in the selection process so consumers will not put too much attention focused on price, but will comprehensively consider the issue price of the gas boiler is in the price of choose a good quality but also outside, but only those on the production of materials such as steel products and accessories, such as the relatively high procurement standards manufacturers of products good enough. Second, select qualified manufacturers good if consumers want to buy a bed of roses gas boiler then you must go to select those good qualified manufacturers. The kind of good qualifications manufacturers on behalf of manufacturers of a long history of production and sales of boiler products, more complete, and these basic safeguards is that manufacturers can have a relatively complete range of product line management system and a reasonable standard. Third, choose a good after-sales service of good quality after-sales service for the buyers of the gas boiler is not directly related to the effects of good or bad operation of the boiler. Therefore, the selection process will then need to select those good gas boiler after-sale protection services to manufacturers, because the contents of the complete service, including a series of important content of the work of the boiler installation and commissioning, only to have the work done very after the boiler is good to be able to enter into a good running condition. So for consumers who need heating or hot water boiler to provide services for the need to be aware of these three aspects, namely, remember to choose the quality of the boiler manufacturing materials in the selection of better gas boiler, but also need to select only those good stuff, professional qualifications and after-sales service of the boiler manufacturer produced products.

Coal consumption and coal-fired zu how steam boilers of some commonly used models: For this kind of boiler coal-fired steam boilers, because it is one of the website product, so it should be familiar with and understand, at least, can not be ignorant. Therefore, based on the above requirements, the following will be immediately proceed to leave you inspired and in some gains, and at the same time, also can add some expertise. 1.8t / h coal-fired steam boiler, its coal consumption per hour, how much is? 8t / h coal-fired steam boilers, coal per hour which, in general, can be calculated, and the specific calculation thereof, are as follows: 1 ton coal-fired steam boiler, the required amount of heat is 600,000 kcal / hour, taking into account the calorific value of the two types of bituminous coal, and thermal efficiency of the boiler, which is about 75%. Then, based on these data, it can be concluded that the coal-fired steam boiler, which is the amount of coal per hour for 145.5kg.

20 years adhere to long and arduous, but parties were quick early heart never forget the moment, stick to date, the performance results are now almost 20 years trying to best each other gifts. Achieved remarkable results, the Group's own sound inseparable, inseparable from distributors around the trust and support. In the new market competition, will quickly adapt to the times square in the flow, leading the development of the Group through concerted efforts of all my colleagues and friends dealers, tenacious struggle, the successful realization of the new grand blueprint!

(1) design and manufacture of boiler pressure hot water boiler departments should conduct in-depth and meticulous research, according to its combustion, heat, smoke wind flow, hydrodynamic, designs have to adapt to atmospheric pressure boilers and heating systems running characteristics, ensure atmospheric pressure hot water boiler can maintain or slightly depressed state under any conditions;

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